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As promised, we are so excited to announce our first special surprise for the year #ShibArmy!

In 2022, we are reaching new heights and welcoming the #Shiberse 🌎. An immersive experience for our ecosystem and the Metaverse space!

We can't wait to show you more. Woof! 🐶

Community Update — We are happy to announce, @CoinMarketCap has reached out to our developer team and is in current discussions in regards to our most recent incident correlating to Wormhole contracts.

Please read our response..


ICYMI: This acquisition echoes our last move to bring aboard former Activision VP [email protected]_volk and hiring of [email protected] to work on our game. It's fun to see the big players share the same vision as a "meme coin" on the MV too. #bullish! #SHIBARMY

At this time we ask the #ShibArmy to act calm, and professional.

Our team has already submitted inquiries for the 3 erroneous contracts, in regards to $SHIB at @CoinMarketCap.

We are awaiting a response, and want nothing more than to come to a conclusion for the community.

Reminder: Shiba Inu $SHIB is an ERC-20 Token Only! Please stay alert out there #ShibArmy.

Thank you for your support, the Shiba Inu Breeds are currently working diligently to get this matter handled.

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